Whiting American Hackle




Whiting American Rooster Saddle varieties come to us from Whiting Farms, the premier producer of the highest quality fly tying hackle. Whiting American rooster saddle birds are mainly bred for the saltwater, streamer, steelhead and salmon fly tyer. Each pack is heavily feathered, well washed and expertly dyed. Whiting American Rooster Saddle inspire creativity in fly tiers and offer a ton of movement to bring flies to life in the water. These saddles have webby and tapered feathers, perfect for all Saltwater Flies.


The bottom third of each Whiting American Rooster Saddle contains feathers between 3″-5″. Perfect for buggers and saltwater patterns in size 10 or larger.  The last two-thirds of the saddle contain long, webby feathers between 5″-9″. Perfect for large deceiver-style tails on Saltwater and warm water streamers alike.

This line is unique in that these birds have been selected for wide, webby, sturdy feathers with rounded tips. The stems are strong and flexible and any brittleness has been bred out.

For tying and fishing streamers, saltwater, steelhead, or warm water, the large wide feathers on these American capes and saddles are the best on the market.

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