Tie ‘n’ Fly Outfitters is located at Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast, an hour drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Being a specialist fly fishing store means that you can expect the latest information on fly fishing innovations, a wide selection of tackle, materials and accessories as well as opportunity to access the newest products on the market. We also offer an online service with orders dispatched Australia-wide.

Tie’n’Fly Outfitters was established by me Gavin Platz in 1993.

I was a commercial line/crab fisherman who fell in love with saltwater Fly Fishing while working in a local tackle shop. As I lived on the beach, 8hrs from a trout stream, it had to be Saltwater Fly Fishing.

After hunting down every bit of info and training I could find, it occurred to me that a lot of the information given out in Saltwater Fly Fishing Arena was not correct. Anglers were given poor information and sold the wrong gear, wasting angler’s money and their time and effort.

I set up Tie’n’Fly Outfitters to be a hub of the best information and to sell correct products all set up properly for the Saltwater Fly Fishing Angler, which ultimately saves the angler money in the long run. It is my strong view by the angler getting the right information, gear and training at the start he will not only be more successful but have fun in his chosen hobby. Thus, making it easier for the beginner angler to meet the challenge of getting into the craft of Saltwater Fly Fishing or for an experienced angler to get into the best position to achieve that trophy fish.

Tie’n’Fly Outfitters – Your One Stop Shop for your every Saltwater Water Fly Fishing need.

  • Largest range of the necessary Saltwater Fly Fishing gear to purchase and help to set it up
  • Book a school and learn from the best
  • Come in and get the correct information on where to fish, book a guide and fish the best spots at the right time
  • Book your Fly-Fishing travel with us
  • Can’t come, email or phone us. We’ll always try to help.
Gavin with Billy & Jodie Pate Jack Sampson Bryan Peterson BJ Myers Kate VanGuttenburg

In 2001 Gavin Platz was certified by the Federation of Fly Fishers as a casting instructor. He was the first saltwater fly fisherman in Australia to receive this distinction. With over 30 years of commercial fly tying experience Gavin’s flies are highly sought after with orders being shipped both nationally and internationally. He is an international guide and operates his services from his base on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.