My name is Gavin Platz, I became fascinated with how streamer flies worked and made way back in the 80’s when I was commercially fishing for a living off the Sunshine Coast. I was not using a fly rod back then, we made all our own Jigs and Trolling rigs back then and I used the fly tying techniques I’d been taught when making my Jigs and Trolling rigs to the affect of making them fish better and stronger.  What impressed me the most was the intricate nature of making flies and the first real fly I made was a Joe Brookes Blonde. I trolled these of course and the Spotties loved them.

In the early 90’s I started a Fly-Tying Cell and taught 15 ladies to help me in tying flies for the USA market. This is where I learnt most of my fly tying basics and these techniques, I shared in my Tying Schools

Over the years I was lucky to cross paths with a number of very good fly tiers and through their tutorage I was able to fine tune my fly tying and come up with a very potent range of saltwater and Tropical Freshwater Flies used to great success in many countries around  the world. Also, and most importantly flies that work here in our own backyard in Australia. Most of these flies were designed by some of the greats in Fly Fishing, not by me, however I do believe they need to be tied accurately as per the originators recipe with the correct techniques so they will swim perfectly, fish properly and be durable.

Our ‘Flies That Hunt’ range of flies are tied in house at Tie’n’Fly Outfitters by me, so 100% Aussie made and tied to the highest quality with the finest hooks and materials. I use only use Gammakasu SL12S, B10S, Tiemco 800s and 811s, Owner Aki and Fly liner hooks. These, in my opinion, are the absolute best hooks on the market for our fly fishery.

There are 2 options for you to purchase ‘Flies That Hunt’:

  • I have a basic range always tied up and in stock
  • Or if you have a favourite pattern, or for a special fishing trip, I can tie for you. This is a custom order and a time frame will be quoted as well as the price. We can discuss your needs, and I can advise on the best patterns and sizes for your quarry.

Gavin Platz has put his experience & skills into proudly creating his own brand of personally tied flies.

100% Australian made, the aptly named brand ‘Flies that Hunt’ was created in 2001 by popular demand.

Available online, or also available to custom order, however minimum quantities may apply.

Make an enquiry below and get the authentic and original ‘Flies that Hunt’.

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