You are a saltwater fly fisherman, right? So when you go on a fishing trip, you want to fish with other saltwater fly fisherman…

How often have you heard the horror stories of guys who have booked onto a trip only to find that he is the only fly fisho – the rest of the group are into jigging, popping or some other form of convention tackle. There is nothing wrong with that sort of fishing – only that you don’t want to do it! If you book onto one of our trips, you can be assured that they are put together with fly fisherman in mind.

We put together several trips each year. Talk to someone who understands… Give us a call to discuss your travel requirements.

Other Travel Destinations we can put you on at the drop of a hat include:


Andros South Lodge, Bahamas
Belcampo Lodge, Belize
Casa Vieja Lodge for Billfish, Guatemala
Guanaja, Honduras

Acuarela Lodge Los Roques, Venezuela
Isla Del Sabalo Lodge, Mexico
Alphonse and Cosmoledo, Seychelles
AND MANY MORE!! Inquire now!


Trophy Tiger Safari, Tanzania
Jurassic Lake Lodge, Argentina
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Brazil
Tierra del Fuego Lodge, Chile
Mahakali and Saryu River, India

Tongariro Lodge, New Zealand
The North Umpqua River, Northwest USA
Kharlovka Lodge, Russia
Bighorn River Lodge, Rockies USA
AND MANY MORE!! Enquire now!

    We offer fly fishing package all over the world, enquire now for the destination of your dreams.

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