Squimpish Brushes


Squimpish Brush

15” Long x 14” Width (most fibers 4”-6” from center)

Designed to build a sparse lengthy body or a full collar for large baitfish and squid imitations

Composed of Squimpish Boutique Blends and other complementary materials

Constructed with heavy duty .008″ stainless wire

These brushes fill the gap that is currently unoccupied in the predator brush arena. While there are many fantastic options from other sources for brushes to build 3”-5” long baitfish imitations or shorter fiber brushes for gamechanger type flies, none will deliver the effect that these brushes will in easily tying an extremely large fly.

Use 1” of brush wrapped in a ½” space of shank/tube/wire  for a very full/dense collar


Use 2” of brush wrapped in a  2” space of shank/tube/wire for a lengthy  sparse body

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