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Solarez UV Torch Rechargable


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Newest technology SMD ultra high output flashlight includes a 18650 UltraFire rechargable Lithium Ion battery and digital battery charger kit to power your flashlight.Cures Solarez resin with the correct wavelength. Typically cures Solarez resin in 30 seconds or less. Also has heat-abating “Pulse Power” function. This reduces resin shrinkage and yellowing and increases bond. Comes complete with one rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion battery and digital battery charger, good for hours of high intensity light and hundreds of re-charges.

The one thing that Solarez resins do very well is to cure well in the presence of atmospheric oxygen which is an antagonist to curing. Chinese manufactures commony use (SMD) LED chips which put out 395nm wave length of light. 395nm is just ok with respect to curing resin because with 390nm being in their range, they fall into the 1st standard deviation of the photoinitiator’s desired peak.

Charger has polarity indicator warning and READY signal. The chip Solarez use is custom made for us in the same outstanding aluminum housing, with (at most times) the same parabolic reflector (sometimes other flashlights of the same appearance will have a stippled reflector to put out a broader beam) but our chip puts out at 385nm and cures our resin very well. Period.

Charging Unit requires an Australian Power Adaptor.

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