Snowbee Onyx Fly Reel + 3 Casettes


Original price was: $199.95.Current price is: $179.95.

Snowbee Cassette Reel, main reel frame and spool are made from lightweight, durable die-cast aluminium. However, they are then finished on a precision CNC machine, so you get the best of both worlds – the finish, feel and precision of a CNC machined reel, but at a ‘die-cast’ price!

The Snowbee Onyx Reel comes with 3 extra Cassettes , so you can carry an extra 3 different fly lines. Maybe even some extra lines in case one gets damaged.


The large arbor design gives faster line retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory. Add to this a multi-disc, centre drag system and you have a fly reel which performs way above its expectations at this price level. The cork and stainless steel drag discs provide a smooth, powerful drag performance, with minimal start-up inertia, to avoid those ‘smash-takes’.

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