Saratoga Fly Furniture – The Surf Candy


Designed and Built in Queensland Australia by an artisan furniture maker and fly fisherman. Each Saratoga workstation is meticulously hand crafted from selected Australian hardwoods with Blue Gum our signature timber. And as with fly tying there is a constant process of refinement to produce an heirloom to be proud of. Only the best all-natural products are used. Dovetail joints, box joints, dowels and biscuits are used to ensure added strength and longevity. Very few screws if any are used on the majority of or work pieces with two hand applied coats of a mixture of Tongue oil and turpentine applied to penetrate deeply into the timber.

“A well organised bench will save you time, and when you’re finished tying your favourite fly, many of our benches can be simply picked up and stored in a safe place.”

Handmade from Australian Hardwoods in Southeast Queensland, with Baize underside to protect your table. Leather insert to enable small fly tying products to be handled.

From the creator and master craftsman Bill Schneider

“To be proficient in one’s craft takes a lifetime of dedication.

Woodwork and fishing run in my family and have been passed down from generation to generation. My Grandfather an accomplished clock builder, my father a woodwork teacher and I have enjoyed a career in the furniture industry in one form or the other over the past 31 years.”

All purchases of Saratoga Fly Furniture will require the buyer to pay for a courier service or arrange pick up from South East Queensland

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