Mako 9600 Fly Reel


We have one 9600 in Stock Right Hand Wind

The price of each reel will vary, call us to get a price for the colour and size you require.  

Please also note reels are built to order, hand assembled and carefully calibrated to the highest precision. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. 

Mako is widely recognized as the fly fishing reel with the best drag system in the industry. The incredible drag system was designed using a sealed carbon fiber drag and not the typical cork system which, most competing reels currently use.

There are many colour combinations that you can have your reel made into


  • Mako reels are fully sealed with o-rings, and proprietary carbon impregnated Teflon lip seals.
  • Mako incorporate a multidisc full-contact carbon-fiber drag system that uses “button technology” to eliminate start-up friction.
  • Mako utilise oversized calibrated drag knobs with one turn stop, to stop providing the full range of drag.
  • Mako employ a “taper lock” quick-change spool and a three-ball bearing spindle assembly.
  • Mako reels are produced to the highest machining standards and level of polish
  • Type III anodizing which, gives them a near ceramic hardness to survive the elements.
  • All these qualities are amongst other features:

Model 9500 Inshore Reels;  Inshore & Saltwater Reel 4 inch diameter 11.7 ounces with an 810 Spool. Approximate backing:  250-275 yards/meters of 50-60 lbs hollow core braid + WF Fly Line

Model 9550 Inshore Reels; Medium Saltwater Reel, 4.5 inch diameter, 13.8 ounces’ 2 different spool options;

810 Spool; approximate backing: 225-250 yards/meters of 50-60 lbs hollow core braid + WF Fly Line

1012 Spool; Approximate backing: 300-325 yards/meters of 50-60 lbs hollow core braid + WF Fly Line

Model 9600B Large Reels;  5 inch diameter, 15.232 ounces 9600B Spool Approximate backing: 350-400 yards/meters of 60-80 lbs hollow core braid + WF Fly Line

Model  9700B (Bluewater Reel) is a whopping 5 ½” diameter designed to provide maximum retrieve rates on the largest big game.  16.75 ounces  Spool 9700B Approximate backing: 400+ yards/meters of 100 lbs hollow core braid + WF Fly Line


Includes all customers expenses and GST


Mako Reel Co. provides you with the best fly reels that give you the most reliable experience while fishing. Offering a rugged, meticulously calibrated reel that allows you to play hard in any element.

Mako reels are made with a perfectionist’s precision, a class of their own; each reel is built by hand, calibrated by hand, inspected by hand. It’s an art Mako truly take pride in. All Mako reels are manufactured, and hand assembled in the U.S.A.

Tie ‘n’ Fly Outfitters has an exculsive Australian arrangement with Mako to retail to you directly. You can order your reel directly with us by calling us to discuss what option best suites you.

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