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Ewing Deceiver Patch


Ewing Deceiver Patch is probably the best, well shaped Saltwater Hackle available. This is a must for Saltwater Fly Tiers.

Ewing Deceiver Neck Patches are truly a great value for the Deceiver and warm water fly tyer. Under the advice and direction of Lefty Kreh, Ewing developed this special patch, which contains over 500 hackles on skin to meet his needs. Lefty, a man never to toss extra money around foolishly often said, “Why buy it all, when you do not need it all?”

These feathers are THE CHOICE for those tiers looking for the perfect feathers for their streamer patterns. Whether you are tying flat wings, traditional feather wings or deceiver style streamers these feathers will get the job done. In addition to conventional streamer patterns, we use these feathers for the hackle on Wooly Buggers and other similar flies. It is also our feather of choice for hackling slider and popper patterns. The stems of these feathers are stiff enough for feather wing streamer patterns but are also flexible enough for wrapping around the hook shank.

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