Crystal Flesh Baitfish Fibre


Completely unique and awesome colours and structure for pike flies and baitfish. Really one of the top artificial/synthetic fiber products. This is a perfect blend of three fibres that just look great together in the water and in the box Crystal Flesh is a truly fantastic produc

Flesh instead of Flash? Oh yeah! Krystal Flesh by H2O is specifically made to tie life-like imitations of various baitfish. The special material mix consists of synthetic fibers of different structure and thickness, which are mixed with fine Krystal Flash. The mostly multi-colored bundles make it possible to produce streamers with a fine shimmery effect. Subtle light reflections are created in the water with a lively action – even with a small amount of material. During both stripping and in stops, your streamer with Krystal Flesh entices fish with a gentle pulsation and sway.

With Krystal Flesh by H2O, perfect wings and tails can be tied for streamers of all kinds (pike, perch, tarpon, sea trout, etc.). Or you can make the whole pattern from the Krystal Flesh. The applications of this versatile tying material goes even further, because even for smaller patterns in salt or freshwater, these synthetic fibers can be used in small doses. Like most other synthetic tying materials, Krystal Flesh absorbs little to no water, making it easy to cast the biggest flies you can dream up.


  • Synthetic materials of various structure and thickness
  • Great for fresh or saltwater applications
  • Little to no water absorption makes it possible to tie large, easy to throw patterns
  • Life-like, pulsating and swaying action in the water
  • 24 cm in length

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