Airflo Ridge Tech 2.0 Superflo Flats Master Fly Line 10ft Inter Tip



Unlike most of the industry’s PVC lines, Airflo lines are made of polyurethane, an inert, flexible material that won’t dry out or crack. Polyurethane makes for much more durable fly lines with far greater welded loops. It also doesn’t break down in UV rays, bug spray or sunscreen. At the end of the season, Airflo lines perform like new.


Ridge Tech 2.0 Flats Master Fly Lines

Superflo Flats Master fly line

The Airflo SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 Flats Master fly line features a 10’ fast intermediate tip, however unlike most intermediate tip lines on the market that feature a clear tip over a stretchy monofilament core the Flats Master is built using Airflo’s non stretch power core for maximum feel, improved hook sets and optimised casting power.

Heavy Crab into gnarly winds one day and bonefish patterns into a light breeze the next. When you don’t know what to expect, a do it all flats line is the answer. Designed to load quickly, the short belly and long rear taper create the most versatile line in the Saltwater Flats range.

This is the taper for the vast majority of conditions, fly rods and anglers.


Ridge 2.0 takes textured fly lines to the next level. The all-new ridge profile decreases friction in the rod guides, generates higher line speeds and minimises tangling – yet feels and sounds line a smooth line.

Overall length 100ft

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