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A Few Great Flies and How to Fish Them, by Peter Morse


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240 pages with 110 B&W images and 64 pages of colour plates, semi-hard cover with a dust jacket. This book details a selection of a dozen or so flies that the author never travels without, whether its north south east or west and fresh or saltwater. Essentially a book for saltwater fly fishermen and for those who pursue our range of native freshwater fish, trout fishermen will still find plenty of great information in this book. At the heart of it are the essential principles of fly selection, the depth we fish them at and how we retrieve them – so its much more than a fly tying manual although some great flies and some new flies are described in detail and there are instructions on how to tie them. What really holds this book together though are the entertaining and relevant anecdotes that come from the authors experiences, these really bring this book to life.

“Peter Morse is the foremost authority on Saltwater and Freshwater here in Australia. Peter Has compiled the most important flies to use here in Australia. There’s some great fishing stories in the book to. A Great educational read. ” says Gavin

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