In 1945, Lacey Gee of Independence, Iowa began a fly tying business, Wapsi has been producing quality fly tying materials since 1945.  Nowhere else will you find as large a selection of premium quality fly tying material. Wapsi has introduced many fly tying products: Lead Eyes, Wooly Bugger Marabou, Dyed Grizzly Marabou, Soft Tanned Rabbit Skins, Dyed Pheasant Skins, Mylar Cord, three sizes of Ultra Chenille, Razor Foam, Thin Skin, Foam Popper Bodies, Fly Tails, Sili Legs, and Hour Glass Eyes. Such high quality dubbings as Camel, Antron, Angora Goat and Superfine are all processed at Wapsi. Premo Deer Hair, Lead Free Wire and Lead Free Eyes are also Wapsi firsts.


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