Gavin Platz

Gavin Platz started Tie’n’Fly Outfitters in 1993 as a home based business after realising there was a market for a specific fly range for his area here in Queensland Australia. The range of materials and flies was small, but with the help of a lot of people it grew to the largest range of Saltwater Fly Gear here in Australia.

In 1995 Gavin opened the first shop near the boat ramp at Buddina Beach, Sunshine Coast. Being a surfer , the shop was 800mtrs from the beach.

In 1996 Gavin started the International Saltwater Flyfishing EXPO. After a successful 4 years he decided to focus more on the guiding & travel, which feed the shop with sales.

In 1996 Gavin started the International Saltwater Flyfishing EXPO. With a lot of motivation from Billy & Jodi Pate, Cam Sigler Snr & Jnr & Jack Samson , Gavin now realised the Tuna Run on the Sunshine Coast was a world class Fly Fishery. The focus became more focused and 2 boats were purpose built to service the fishery.

Then in 2007 , Gavin opened a new shop across the road ( even Closer to the beach of course ).

Gavin and Deborah set up a new shop further up the coast at Marcoola Beach in 2020 as the COVID issues of that year made guiding and travel parts of the business difficult and the decision was made made to make the shop a stand alone Retail Shop. The decision was made to buy the shop and create something a little different.



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