Sorry but not sorry you won’t find any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales here at Tie ‘n’ Fly Outfitters.  However you will always find consistent fair pricing for the best quality gear your budget can afford. With consistent fair pricing for the best quality gear.

You will be provided with choices, along side heaps of advice from fellow fly fishos with years of experience, if you want or need it.

If you’re seeking a new outfit we will set it up for you and if you’re in store we’ll show you how we do this, to enable your learning.

We have increased our stock significantly in the past year, to include a wide range of Manic Tackle Project products including Simms, Scott, Abel, Primal, C & F Design, Airflo and Loon. We still have an awesome range of Sage Rods, Reels and of course Rio Fly lines as the perfect partner to any Sage outfit.

Tie ‘n’ Fly Outfitters has a great range of Echo fly rods, the new Echo Lift as the perfect entry level sub $200 rod, amazing for a beginner and intermediate angler,  The Echo MPR – Practise Rod is very popular and makes a great gift for the fly fisherman, Echo make a great Outfit for children called an Echo Gecko which also popular with kayak anglers.

Scientific Anglers this year have introduced some additional fly lines and products which are proud to stock.  SA have always produced great fly lines, with a significant nod to durability and sustainability, which in turn reduces their impact on the environment.  Their lines now come with fully recyclable packaging, we love this.  Follow this link to a great article on their website about their lines.

Fly Line Material

This season we introduced you to the new TFO Big Fly Rod designed in partnership with Blane Chocklett, Gavin was blown away with it.  We have a full range in stock for anyone who wants to cast those big flies they usually so difficult to cast, this is the rod for you. See his review on our YouTube Channel

We fully appreciate you can’t find on our website the wide variety of tying materials we have in stock.  I am afraid it’s not possible for us right now to put everything online without crashing the site!  Please always give us a call at the shop on 0754440611 if you can’t see what you need online.  We stock, H2O, Wapsi, Tiewell, Steve Farrah, HareLine Dubbin, Dr Slick, Stonfo, Dyna King, Danville, Gamakatsu, Mustad, EJ Todd etc…. the list is endless!

Then of course we have a wide range of saltwater/tropical flies in stock, over 1,000 tied in store by Gavin. He also ties to order, that is when he’s not out playing with his boat and clients!

Have a good one – Mrs P