Squimpish Hair


Squimpish Hair

Squimpish hair is a superior fly tying material best described as a synthetic cross between bucktail and polar bear. The fibers come on a patch like craft fur in lengths ranging from 3”-12”. The listed length range is the longest working material.
As Squimpish hair is a 100% custom product, there is a wide range between the products on offer. Whether you are looking for super long materials for pike/musky/bass/Barra/Tuna flies or just that perfect 4″ taper for a sardine pattern there are some great options that will be a welcome addition to your current tying materials arsenal.

Boutique Blends – Sparkle

 These are super premium blend of Squimpish hair with traces of flash and other synthetic and natural materials. These products are handmade in small batches. This is for the flytier that wants to work with a composite material in a colorway and length. Boutique blends are packaged doubled over itself and banded. Fibers in blends are 4”-’9” in length. Each package of blends is equivalent to a patch of squimpish hair. Defined on our site as “sparkle” in the product colour.

Properly utilised this will greatly improve your current patterns as Squimpish hair swims very well.


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