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Sage Pulse Fly Rod 9′ 5wt


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For those looking to explore tight line nymphing and maximize effectiveness during their time on the water, we have created a PULSE ESN rod (3100-4). The additional length allows anglers to reach further into the river and really control the line and the drift of their bugs.



Designed from scratch by our world-class R&D team and tested on the water around the globe, the PULSE is Sage’s multi-application/fast action family of fly rods built with our Graphite IIIe backbone. Graphite IIIe technology ensures power and durability, providing fast action performance and a connected feel. Handcrafted right here on Bainbridge Island and finished with custom-designed componentry and eye-catching cosmetic details, the PULSE will be your workhorse fly rod with show horse looks.

Dry Fly Fishing – Fast action provides the capability to stay tight to the line and in control of the presentation, while the high line speed drives a tight loop that assists in laser accuracy in technical dry fly situations. With a sensitive tip section to protect light tippets, a versatile balance between accuracy and delicacy is achieved.

Nymphing – A powerful butt section easily lifts fish from their lie and gives great turnover capabilities for multi-nymph rigs. With a sensitive tip section to protect light tippets, a versatile balance between lifting power and delicacy provides perfect synergy for nymph fishing

Streamers -A powerful butt section easily throws a wide range of streamers and accommodates effective sinking tip lines. In addition, it provides the ability to quickly pull aggressive fish out of structure for increased landing success.

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