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Sage Payload Fly Rod


Developed for when the largest of flies are on the menu.

Whether you’re popping for Bass, Barra or Trevally , throwing big flies for Cod, Barra, Tuna or other pelagic species, the easy-loading but powerful blank of the PAYLOAD makes casting even the most obscene of flies all-day a practical activity.

Available in the following sizes:

689-4  8’9″ 6 weight

789-4  8’9″ 7 weight

889-4  8’9″  8weight

989-4  8’9″ 9 weight

1090-4  9′ 10 weight

1193-4  9’3″ 11 weight

Big flies – Fast Action

Big fish, big fly. While not always the case, this rule does ring true for many warmwater and saltwater fisheries with anglers casting larger flies than ever before. With a powerful but comfortable casting action, the new PAYLOAD series of rods are designed to help anglers cast those heavy lines and big flies more effectively.

Suitable for Fresh and Saltwater

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