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RIO InTouch Level “T” tips

$39.95 $32.95

These fast sinking, level tips have a tungsten compound coating, are supple, do not kink and sink like a rock. Built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, they are extremely sensitive to soft grabs and ensure fast, solid hook sets.


There are 5 different weights of “T” tip available; T-8, T-11, T-14, T-17 and T-20, and each size is either available in a 30 ft pack with welded loops on both ends (T-20 doesn’t have any welded loops), or as a bulk, 500 ft spool.


The tip weights are color-coded for easy identification. T-8 is dark red, T-11 dark green, T-14 dark blue, T-17 dark gray and T-20 is black. The tip size indicates the weight per foot, so for example “T-8” weighs 8 grains per foot, and “T-14” weighs 14 grains per foot. The sink rate of each tip is as follows, with their relevant breaking strength in parenthesis):


T-8 = 6-7 ips (20lb)

T-11 = 7-8 ips (20lb)

T-14 = 8-9 ips (30lb)

T-17 = 9-10 ips (30lb)

T-20 = 10+ ips (30lb)


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