Beginners Fly Fishing Outfit


Fly Fishing Outfit

Gavin said

“I put these combo together to target those saltwater estuaries, beaches and inpoundments. Fish like Bass, Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Bream and Mullet all become great sport and fun to target with this lovely 6wt or 7wt. With a change of line to a cold freshwater one these outfits are also perfect for Trout.

The 6wt  is awesome for trout, Bass and other freshwater species and great in saltwater estuaries for small trevally, Bream and flathead.


We put this beginners Fly Fishing outfit together with the best quality gear for under $400, great entry level fly fishing outfits

ROD: ECHO Lift 6wt, 7wt or 8wt with Hard Rod Case with carry handle

REEL: Echo ION Fly Reel

BACKING: 30lb Scientific Angler to the main reel spool

LINE: Scientific Anglers Floating Saltwater Line

Fly: One of our saltwater collection flies


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