Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder XL


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The all new Headgate XL is an enlarged version of our popular Headgate.

Please note this is just the holder and no spools are included.

The new XL size was designed specifically for holding 4” spools (no spools included) so you can have the same great features as our standard size when you’re saltwater fishing. Also, if you want to hold a larger variety of standard spools, the XL can hold up to thirteen. When you use Fishpond’s Headgate tippet dispensers, you will wonder why no one has thought of anything like it before. The spring loaded hinge design allows an angler to easily add, remove, and carry most tippet spools with ease. Just clip it on somewhere close and forget about the days of looking through your waders, vest, or pack searching for those loose spools.

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