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DVD – Fly Fishing for Bass with Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser


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Lefty Kreh & Bob CLouser represent well over a century of bass catching experience. They’ve tested virtually every kind of tackle and lure available during the past 60 years. Not surprisingly, their favorite method of catching bass is fly fishing, and their expertise in this area is unparalled. This DVD provides detailed instruction on every aspect of fly fishing for bass on rivers, lakes, streams and ponds

No matter what country you live in and no matter what type of bass you fish for, there are common techniques outlined in this DVD that apply to ALL bass fishing.

Getting it together
Rods and reels
Fly lines for bass
Fly selection
Presenting the deceiver
Top water bugs and techniques
The half and half
Choosing flies
Synthetic flies
Carrying flies
Essential flies
Working a pool
Understanding structure
Fishing fast water
Tactics for Ponds

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