Discover the beauty of Hinchinbrook, as well as one of Australia’s best fly fishing spots.

Hinchinbrook Island is located about 2 hours drive south of Cairns on Australia’s northern east coast. The area is renowned for it’s beauty and rugged tropical  landscapes,  also for it’s fishing both inshore fly fishing for Barramundi, Permit, Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Salmon and a long list of tropical species. The inside of the island is lined with a maze of huge estuary systems running the entire length, some 50 kilometres. Miles of mangrove lined mudflats and sand flats make this one of the country’s best sight fishing locations.
Hinchinbrook National Park
The staple fish at Hinchinbrook is the mighty Barramundi, while targeting Barramundi you will stumble across many other species, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Flathead, Javelin fish, Threadfin Salmon and Giant Trevally of all sizes, just to name a few.
All these fish will take flies with great enthusiasm and present no less of a challenge in hooking and fighting stakes. Moving onto the sand flats at Hinchinbrook will host several new species to tangle with. First on the list will have to come Aussie Permit or Snubnose Dart, call them what you want, these guys by reputation would have to be the most unforgiving and uncooperative fish swimming the pristine waters of the Hinchinbrook area.
You will need to get all the conditions in your favour as with anywhere and put your fly in their path and be patient. Good numbers of Permit are captured and released at Hinchinbrook and surrounding areas each year, come and join the list of anglers we have put in front of these fine specimens. Shrimp flies and crabs patterns are go to flies on the flats, with a good presentation and a little luck you could see yourself receiving a hookup from an Aussie Permit. There are a few spots that Permit will regularly haunt when the conditions are right, but many other flats will also hold numbers of species. Golden and Giant Trevally, Queenfish, Giant Herring, Cobia, Triple Tail and some of the mangrove dwellers also turn up at times.
The species and options on offer in the Hinchinbrook area are endless, the ability to be dry fly fishing the upper freshwater reaches one and poling sandflats the following, give you the scope not many places have to offer. The channel itself contains many fly eating species and options without venturing outside to further options


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